Menominee American Legion Post 146

Q -Is the S.A.L. a separate organization from the American legion?

A - The S.A.L. is not a separate organization. The S.A.L. is an organized program of the American legion subject at each level to control by the American legion. In other words, the national organization of the American legion controls the national S.A.L., the department of the American legion controls the S.A.L. detachment, and a Post of the American legion controls the S.A.L. squadron.


Q - Can a Post disband its squadron if it chooses; without first consulting the S.A.L. detachment of the American legion department to which the squadron belongs?

A- yes.


Q - Who becomes owner of a squadron's assets should a squadron lose its charter?

A - The purported assets of an S.A.L. squadron are assets of the Post. The Post already owns them and after an S.A.L. squadron loses its charter; the Post continues to own them.


Q - Who becomes responsible for a squadron's liabilities if the Post or detachment revokes a squadron's charter or the squadron voluntarily turns in its charter?

A - A squadron is not a separate organization or entity. It is always a program of a Post.


Q - What liabilities can a Post be held responsible for as the result of legal actions incurred by a squadron that a Post sponsors?

A - A squadron is not a separate organization or entity. It is always a program of the Post.


Q - What controls can a Post impose upon the financial operation of a Post's squadron?

A - The monies of an S.A.L. squadron belong to the Post. The squadron is a program of the Post. Hence the Post has total control.


Q - Can a Post govern how a squadron disburses its income, savings, or other assets?

A - Yes, if they choose to do so.


Q - Can a Post govern the use of the Post clubroom facilities without consulting the Post's squadron if the squadron has contributed to its establishment and maintenance?

A - Yes. A contribution makes no difference. A Post governs and controls its own property. Since the purported property of the squadron is actually property of a Post, the Post has full control.


Q - Can a Post levy a surcharge on a squadron to help defray the expense of maintaining the Post land, building and equipment even though the Post does not require the Auxiliary unit to share the same burden?

A - Yes. The position of an Auxiliary unit is different from an S.A.L. squadron. The American legion Auxiliary and its departments and units are separate organizations, separately chartered. There is no justification to compare the situation of an S.A.L. squadron to an Auxiliary unit. Pursuant to the national constitution of the American legion, article xiii, section 3, a Post does not have the power to govern an Auxiliary unit.


Q- Can the wife, daughter, or granddaughter of an S.A.L. member, not eligible to be a member of the American legion Auxiliary or Jr. Auxiliary, form a support Auxiliary to the S.A.L. and be officially recognized by the American legion?

A - No. The S.A.L. is not a separate organization, but an organized program.


Q - Do the Sons of the Legion have a right to put a motion on the floor and have voting rights at a regular American legion general meeting. Not a building or bar meeting?"

A- No


Q - Does an S.A.L. squadron have a Federal I.D. number?

A - No, a squadron is a program of the Post and will come under the Post's federal lD number.


Q - Can S.A.L. members be invited to participate in a Post honor guard
A- Yes.


Q - Does the Post Commander have final say in S.A.L. election results?
A - The Post executive committee must approve all election results


Q – Can a S.A.L. member serve as Chairman of a Legion Committee?

A – Yes, however, the S.A.L. member is only allowed to vote on matters pertaining to the committee in which he is Chairman and only if the Post’s Executive Committee approves.


Q – If a committee within the Post has a requirement to include S.A.L members, who appoints them?

A – The S.A.L. Commander should appoint an active member who regularly attends and participates in the meetings.  The S.A.L. appointee is that groups representative.


Q – Who appoints the Legion Representatives/Advisors to monitor/assist the S.A.L. Commander?

A – The Post Commander