Menominee American Legion Post 146

American Legion Post 146, Department of Michigan

Regular Membership Meeting

April 10th, 2017


Commander Chernetski opened the meeting at 1700 - Roll call was taken, quorum was met


Voting for the 2017-2019 Officers took place this day and votes were being counted during the meeting


Minutes from March meeting were read and approved


Executive quorum met and nothing significant to hold separate meeting


Financial Report was read: Balance forward                                 $15,190.98

                                                     Income                                  $734.00

                                                     Expenses                               $4,011.20

                                                     Balance                                 $11,913.67


Approval motioned by Dave Herold, seconded Wally Durrow - Motion passed

Financial Officer Berry also stated last year at this time we had 11,294.00 in the account.


House:           Nothing to report.


Activities:      Bill Paris reported that Food Stand will be erected – Bill will call people interested.


Club:              Dave Herold reported Financials were still at the accountant. Turned over $4,000.00 to Financial Officer prior to meeting. Account balances at time of meeting follows:

                                              Savings $7,500.00

                                              Renovation $9,047.00

                                              Checking $7,200.00


Membership: Sitting at 117% this year. Got a Certificate of Excellence // Meritorious performance from Nat’l Cmdr.


Kitchen:        Started Spring Cleaning. Need to buy a couple of new frying pans at $65.00 Motion made and passed to purchase


Riders:          No report


SAL:              No report

Aux:              Asked about emblems on side of building - Dave Herold said he would look into it.

                     Senior College Scholarship looking for donation – Motion made/passed for Legion donation of $200.00


Downtown:   No Report


Athletic:        April 26th Spaghetti Dinner.

                     June 14th American Legion Family Night w/ Legion color guard.

                     July 12th Hosting annual Baseball M&M game.

                     Working on hosting the Legion Tournament in July.


DAV:              DAV Commander Dave Thompson brought up that Greg Weiss – the Volunteer Service Representative requested Legion Co-host a Thank You Dinner for the DAV Volunteer Van Drivers. Bill and Kitchen Crew already aware. Motion made/passed to split the bill with DAV.

                      DAV donated old van to homeless shelter


Old Business: Nothing


New Business: - S.A.L’s presented check of $100.00 to 20 Year Club and Adjutant Fifarek agreed to match.

- Mayor Jean Stegman said Marinette is going to co-sponsor the 4th of July celebration – Festival will continue to be held in Menominee.


Coo-Coo won the raffle


- Election results as follows:



Commander:                                              Steve Fifarek

Adjutant:                                                  Tom Chernetski


Financial Officer:                                        Jim Berry


1st Vice Cmdr                                            John Nutter


2nd Vice Cmdr                                           John Smith


3rd Vice Cmdr                                            Bill Paris


Staff Judge Advocate:                              Kim Coggins


Chaplain:                                                   Dick Pier


Sergeant-at-Arms                                    Herold Herson

                                                                                      Cliff Coo-Coo Cossen


At Large Executive Committee Members


Jean Stegman

Brian Chernetski

David Herold

Jim Smith

Gary Scholtz


Installation of Officers will be conducted at next month’s meeting, upstairs in dining room.





Respectfully Submitted,




Tom Chernetski