Menominee American Legion Post 146


Search for the Queen of Hearts is an approved Alternative Method for Determining Raffle Winners (Playing Card Progressive Raffle). Game instructions updated by the Charitable Gaming Division on February 28, 2023. License # C31707 to American Legion Post 146, 818 1st St, Menominee, MI 49858.

Raffle tickets may be sold to members and the public during normal Clubroom hours and will be accounted for on a Michigan Progressive Raffle Accountability Sheet. Offsite ticket sellers will be approved in writing by a chairperson. Must be at least 18 to purchase. Drawings are on Tuesday Evening at approximately 7:30 p.m. except for the second Tuesday of the Month when the drawing will be held on Wednesday of that week. Sales close no earlier than 7:15 p.m. for the drawing that evening. Tickets for the following week are available for sale after each weekly drawing. A refund will be given to any tickets sold but not turned in by that week’s drawing.

Contingency Plan: If for extreme weather or any other reason that the drawing cannot be held, tickets will roll to the next licensed drawing date. An email and Facebook notification will be sent out.

Tickets will be sold for $ 5.00 each. Player must clearly write their full name, address, phone number, and the number of a valid envelope number on each ticket stub. Only one name per raffle ticket is allowed. Your name must be legible and as it appears on a valid government-issued identification. A shortened version of your name is allowed (Sue for Susan, Tom for Thomas). Initials and nicknames are not allowed (Skippy, Buzz, B.A.). Labels and stickers are allowed. They must not exceed the size of the Raffle ticket. Tickets are not to be purposely bent, folded, or crinkled.

Chairpersons of the event are not permitted to purchase tickets.

Ticket holder need not be present to win.

Drawing begins on 4/30/23 and ends 9/11/2024

The Game: To begin, 52 playing cards are placed in sealed envelopes, numbered one (1) through fifty-two (52), displayed and sealed in a locked cabinet in the Dining Room of Post 146. Only Chairpersons shall have keys to the cabinet. Each seal will be signed by (2) Chairpersons in accordance with State Gaming directives.

Each week, a ticket is drawn randomly from a large bin, and the envelope that corresponds with the number written on that ticket is opened to reveal the card inside. Drawn card will be defaced and returned to the cabinet display for viewing. Drawing results to be posted on this website.

The Progressive Jackpot Prize is 50% of raffle ticket sales, less cash consolation prizes. All expenses are paid from the Post 146 proceed share. Funds raised by this raffle will be used to fund Veterans Programs, Community Support, improvements to the American Legion Post 146 building, and the cost of conducting the Raffle.

To Win: One ticket stub is randomly drawn from the drum by a chairperson and that player’s identified envelope number will be opened. Note-1: If that envelope number is no longer available, the next lower envelope number will be opened. Note-2: if no envelope number, the lowest available envelope number will be opened or, if present, the player may choose another envelope number.

The Jackpot Prize Card is the “Queen of Hearts”

  • If the Queen of Hearts is won**:
    • All displayed cards will be destroyed and a new deck begins for the next scheduled raffle
    • All previously purchased tickets will be destroyed
    • Tickets for the following week's drawing may be purchased immediately following the drawing
  • If the Queen of Hearts is not revealed:
    • The Progressive Jackpot Prize will be carried forward to the next drawing
    • All previously purchased tickets will be destroyed
    • Tickets for the following week’s drawing may be purchased immediately following the drawing
  • ​When the last licensed drawing date for the raffle occurs, tickets shall be drawn and envelopes selected until the Jackpot Prize Card is revealed and the Progressive Jackpot Prize is awarded.
  • Consolation prizes for drawn ticket:
    • ​$50 cash for revealing an Ace of any suit
    • $25 cash for having your ticket stub selected (not Queen of Hearts or an Ace)
    • Consolation prizes are not awarded on the final draw of the license date


** Winning players are responsible for any and all taxes. Winners will be required to provide proper photo identification and necessary information completely filled out for taxes before receiving their prize check. American Legion Post 146 will submit applicable W2-G forms for all prizes over $600. Taxes will be assessed and deducted from any prize over $5,000 and remitted to the IRS prior to payout: Michigan 4.25%, Federal 25% with Social Security card (28% without card.)

State of Michigan Charitable Gaming Directve on Playing Card Progressive Raffle dated 2-27-23 (, and this list of House Rules are the official rules governing this raffle. Any disputes not covered in any of these rules will be at the discretion of American Legion Post 146 Raffle Committee.

American Legion Post 146 reserves the right to modify the game and the rules in the best interest of the organization and to comply with instructions from the Charitable Gaming Division of the Michigan Lottery.